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   5296067c87llthxh.jpg    19" 4-wire resistive touch screen
The GreenTouch 4wire resistive touch screen uses the proven four-wire resistance technology, which is the best choice for high reliability, input flexibility and superior anti-interference. Touch is achieved by pressing the sensor, suitable for a variety of strong magnetic fields, strong electric fields , complex lighting and other complex operations. The 4wire resistive touch screen with EETI control card or FangXian control card can run various operating systems perfectly, and can provide products of various sizes and customized product selection.

   4 wire resistive touch screen operation principle: 
 The 4wire resistive touch screen consists of a glass underlayer or film underlayer with a conductive coating and a cover layer with a conductive coating. The two layers are separated by tiny insulation points.
When touching a resistive touch screen, the controller separately drives the circuits on the bottom and overlay layers (X-axis and Y-axis)
The voltage is +5V and simulates the position of the touch from the change after the touch.

   19背面.jpg    Quality Assurance:
GreenTouch's 4wire resistive touch screens are made of well-known Chinese brands and are protected by FPC press-fits from different manufacturers. The result is a longer use of the GreenTouch 4wire resistive touch screen, life.  4wire resistive touch screen is highly sealed to IP65 standards, and each touch screen is tested for 3H pencil hardness by ASTM D3363. Already have ROHS, CE and FCC international agency certification.

   Product drawings:
The 19.0-inch four-wire resistive touch screen has a 4:3 display ratio and the touch screen structure is G+F. Dimensions: 392mmX318mm, viewing area: 376mmX303mm, drive area: 367mmX293mm. Display error is less than ±1%, 100000 touch points per square inch, FPC flexible cable length is 90mm, Portrait version, the interface is square socket with double row 2x5, 2x6 needle, diameter 0.0635mm.

   电阻包装1.jpg    Product packaging:
The 19-inch four-wire resistive screen is divided into two inner and outer packages, with an EPE foam inner layer and a traditional cardboard outer layer. Place the touch screen into the corresponding EPE foam, each touch screen corresponding to each EPE grid. There are 10 grids, each grid can put 1~2 pieces. Then put the EPE into the corresponding carton. Each size of the touch screen corresponds to each size of the package. This figure is for reference only.

   Company Profile:
The GreenTouch factory is located in the high-tech city of Shenzhen, China. It covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters and has a plant area of more than 1,700 square meters. GreenTouch's resistive touch screen, projected capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, projected capacitive touch film, touch display and touch All-in-one, touch digital signage and open touch displays are developed and produced here.
    Company introduction.jpg

Application scenario:

Retail server 

Query machine 

Office automation 

Medical equipment

Sales terminal POS

Voting, ticket sales and lottery sales 

Production control panel for automatic workshops/equipment

Specification :

USB   controller

EETI   or Greentouch

Touch   point



Finger,   gloved, passive 

resistance touch pen


As   below form



Surface   treatment

Matte   anti-glare

Surface   hardness


Water   resistance


Working   temperature


Storage   temperature


Working   environment

Under   sunlight , indoor 

and outdoor

Response   time


Linear value



1 year  

Interface   type

USB or   RS232

Product certification






19.0   inch



19.0  inch




Engineeer drawing

Specification download







Important Note :

If you need any technical support, or if you need I2C driver, please feel free to contact eeti.Concerning of technical issue, the related touch controller driver, please contact with eeti FAE team : touch_fae@eeti.com


(CE/FCC/ROHS certificate scan)

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