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Outdoor applications

In recent years,outdoor advertising machines have been widely used in bus stations,publicity boards,residential areas,pedestrian streets, schools and other places. Nowadays, outdoor advertising machine has become a new platform favored by many businesses and media,because the installation location of outdoor advertising machine is generally located in the outdoor commercial golden area with a large number of people, so the audience is very wide. 

For 13 years,GreenTouch has consistently provided high-quality solutions for all outdoor touch applications. GreenTouch's products are waterproof,dustproof, explosion-proof,light interference proof,high light,high temperature resistance and so on.Integrated design,beautiful shape, fashion trend. Whether it is sunny or rainy, it can display your information outdoors.The large-sized, dynamic,audio-visual integrated outdoor touch function stimulates the audience's all-round senses, effectively transmits information to guide consumption,and brings good visual and auditory enjoyment to the outdoor information transmission. 

GreenTouch outdoor advertising machine can be installed in the high-end business area,traffic dense hubs,24 hours uninterrupted work, can also set timing switch machine. Through touch interaction, people can self-query the information needed for human-machine exchange,giving people a different experience.In the outdoor touch application, the release of government information and city propaganda video can beautify the image of the city and improve the grade and taste of the city.

GreenTouchs Touch solutions are applied to devices such as:

Square Publicity Board

Community Publicity Board

Walking Street Advertising Display

Bus Stop Bulletin Board

Products Built for Outdoor applications:


Outdoor digital signage 21.5''-86''

Floor standing digital signage 32''-86''

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