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GreenTouch Warranty and Service Policy

Customer service email to : ifo@greentouch.com.cn

In addition to authorized official written documents, GreenTouch is only obliged to provide the following warranties, repairs and services. Any other warranties, repairs and services not in writing are deemed unauthorized warranties and GreenTouch shall not be liable for them.

GreenTouch is only obliged to provide the following products



touch screen

1 year

touch monitor

1 year

touch all-in-one

1 year

digital signage

1 year


1. The above warranty period starts from the date of shipment of GreenTouch products.

2. Free samples or products with special price are not eligible for warranty replacement.

3. For wrongly ordered goods, GreenTouch has no obligation to provide warranty replacement or warranty repair services.

4. GreenTouch has no obligation to provide support for the following situations:


1). There is no complete universal touch label, so the model or serial number cannot be clearly identified.

2). Physical damage (including but not limited to damaged communication cables on the touch panel, damaged sensors, deformed, dented or cracked controllers).

3). Unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification of the product.

4). Any defects caused by improper storage or unsuitable working environment (including but not limited to rust caused by environmental humidification or any damage caused by excessive working voltage, etc.)

5). Any defect caused by abuse, misuse, improper operation.

6). Product damage or loss due to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, floods), social unrest or government policies.

7). Failure to provide a suitable operating environment, including hardware and software.