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Common fault analysis and solution

Signal Input Troubleshooting

A.Trouble phenomenon: VGA or HDMI no signal input

Cause Analysis:

○1 The computer's VGA or HDMI interface is faulty.

○2 The VGA or HDMI signal cable is faulty.

○3 The signal source does not select the corresponding signal input option.

○4 The signal wire is not tightened.


○1 Reconnect the signal cable and tighten it.

○2 Select the corresponding signal input source.

○3 Make sure the video output signal of the computer is normal.

B.Touch System Troubleshooting

1. Fault phenomenon: touch deviation, the position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Reason analysis: During the last calibration operation, the center position of the bullseye was not touched vertically.

Solution: Re-calibrate.

2. Fault phenomenon: The double tap of the touch screen is not very sensitive.

Reason analysis: The sensitivity of the touch screen is too high.

Solution: find and open the calibration program and reduce the sensitivity.

3. Fault phenomenon: The touch screen suddenly drifts. That is, it suddenly appears that the mouse pointer is not at the position where f is the touch point.

Reason analysis: The touch screen adopts infrared or optical touch technology, which will not cause drift. When the mouse pointer is suddenly not at the position of the finger touch point, it is because the touch effect occurs at the mouse pointer. For example, when a user touches the screen and accidentally touches the screen with the sleeve at the same time, the mouse pointer will not be at the position where the finger touches the point. This problem is not a drift phenomenon.

Solution: During use, pay attention to the cuffs of the clothes, do not touch the touch screen, it is best to touch and write vertically.

4. Fault phenomenon: no response to touch.

Reason analysis: This phenomenon may be caused by the following situations

○a. Touch screen driver installation error.

○b. The computer installs multiple touch drivers of different brands, and the software conflicts.

○b. The operating system of the computer fails.

○e. The interface (USB or serial port) of the computer host fails.

○f. The touch screen signal cable (USB cable or serial cable) is faulty.

Solution: ○a. Refer to the touch screen driver installation guide and reinstall the driver.

○b. After uninstalling all the drivers in the computer, reinstall the touch screen driver.

○c. Contact the maintenance personnel of the computer to solve the problem.

○d. Contact the company's after-sales maintenance personnel or the company's local authorized dealer.

5. Failure phenomenon: multi-point cannot be used

Reason analysis: Make sure that the system installed on the computer is a version above WIN7 Home Premium (including this version), XP cannot be multi-point application

Solution: Install WIN7 Home Premium, Professional Edition, Ultimate Edition


Troubleshooting the whole machine

Before contacting our after-sale service, please follow the instructions below to do a simple check, if following these instructions fails to line up the fault, please note the model number of your touch monitor and contact the dealer.

A.No image

1. Check that the power cord is connected to an AC outlet and that the outlet is powered.

2. Check whether the (power) switch key on the panel has been pressed.

3. Check the brightness and contrast settings of the image,

4. Check whether the correct signal source and channel are selected.

No image, or image is black and white

1. Adjust the color settings.

2. Check the color system.

Image is disturbed

1. Find out the interfering electrical appliance and move it away from the product.


If you still have other questions, please contact our relevant personnel.

* Occasionally, image interruption may occur, which may be because the signal frequency of the VGA card does not match the usual standard.

* If the monitor is closed, lines may appear on the screen momentarily, this is normal


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