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   32xt.jpg IR touch Frame,TB series 32”
GreenTouch IR (Infrared) touch screen is a high-end multi-point infrared touch screen technology with perfect combination of tradition and innovation,Our touch screen has the features of fast reaction speed, strong anti-environment light ability, good stability and easy integration;With the function of plug and play and without driver, any non-transparent object can change the infrared light and realize the touch operation which is convenient for people to operate and use the digital life and brings the greatest convenience and interactivity to life.

IR touch screen is an electronic device that detects and locates a person's touch gestures using a dense infrared matrix in the X and Y directions.The infrared touch screen installs a circuit board outer frame in front of the display, and the circuit board arranges the infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube on the four sides of the screen, one by one forming the infrared matrix of cross and cross, as shown in the schematic diagram.  When a finger touches the screen, it blocks two infrared rays that pass through it, thus determining where the touch point is on the screen.Any non-transparent object can change the infrared on the contact and realize the touch screen operation.
    Infrared working principle diagram.jpg

   TB角.jpg Superior clarity and performance:
Excellent clarity and performance: The infrared touch frame has high quality resolution, light transmission and reliability. The surface of the screen has no surface coating on the plastic film or moving parts, so it does not wear any parts during use. Ensure stable performance without ghosts or drift. Sensitive operation for accurate touch input through opaque objects such as fingers, gloves and passive stylus. High-precision infrared touch frame with an interpolation resolution of 32767 * 32767, supporting plug and play, suitable for a variety of internal and external environments. We have ROHS, CE and FCC international agency certification.   

   PCB board description:
Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow design, no matter whether it is external or built-in, it can adapt to various needs without affecting the appearance and saving built-in space. Infrared sensing principle, simple finishing, LED die, stable performance, high touch precision and long life. The unique installation method makes the installation of the client a breeze.

   TB32.jpg    Product drawings:
The 32.0-inch infrared touch frame is uniquely ultra-narrow, ultra-thin shape design, infrared sensing principle, display ratio: 16:9 frame thickness 8mm. OD: 740.4mm*434.9mm, VA: 703.6mm*398.1mm, AA: 699mm*393.5mm. According to the size of the infrared frame, the package also changes in size.The surface of the aluminum alloy is sprayed and oxidized, and the whole is delicate, simple, generous and multi-touch. Simple operation, USB connection, plug and play.

 Product packaging:
The infrared touch screen is packaged in an independent paper tube after the strip is removed. EPE protection is used in the paper tube. The transportation cost is low and the product quality and appearance are well guaranteed. An infrared touch screen installation guide is included with each package to make the installation of the client a breeze.

   公司.jpg    Company Profile:
GreenTouch factory is located in the high-tech city of Shenzhen, China. It covers an area of 2000.00 square meters and has a plant area of over 1,700 square meters. GreenTouch design and produce resistive touch screen, projected capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, projected capacitive touch film, touch display and touch All-in-one, touch digital signage and open touch displays there.


                                                                 Application scenario.jpg


Main specification

Touch Screen Size


Touch Activation Force

No pressure required

Luminous Transmission

>92%(100% with no glass)

Reported Touch Resolution

Without Driver:32768*32768

Touch Response Time(Multi touch)


Touch Response Time(One touch)


Minimum Recognition


Touch Object Size Recognition



Socket type USB cable 1.5 meters, socket type 5P

Electronical Specification

Touch Refresh Rate



USB2.0 Full Speed

Power Supply Mode


Average Current

DC 5.0V±5%

LED Lifetime



10% non-consecutive sensors are damaged

Environmental characteristics


Up to 90% RH from 0℃ to +40℃,no-condensing

Temperature Range

Working temperature:-10℃~50℃

Storage temperature:-20℃~60℃


EN 6100-4-2 2008:3 level.4KV contact discharge and 8KV air discharge

Anti-ligt Interference


Software Specification

Firmware Upgrade

USB Upgrade:Windows 8,Windows 7

Support OS(Multi touch)

Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Andriod

Support OS(One touch)

Windows XP,Mac OS ,LInux






Touch points




Drawing download


Click to download

Instruction Manual:

Installtion Guide


(CE/FCC/ROHS certificate scan)

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